We Live, Baby!

January 14, 2018

I dream big and ever since I started My Lit Box I’ve learned to dream bigger. My Lit Box is an idea that came to me during my morning commute one day and never did I imagine that so many would share the passion I have for reading books by writers of color. Every member of this community makes me want to work that much harder to create spaces both online and offline for us to come together and celebrate the stories that have changed our lives and the writers who wrote them.

Today I am excited to introduce our latest effort in that mission, My Lit Box’s blog. This space belongs to all of us. Here we can share the books we’ve read and loved. This blog is our space to talk about the impact books have had on our lives. We can discuss the voids we feel still exist in literature and what can be done to address them. I describe this blog as community-driven because this is not a solitary effort. The posts you will read on this site will not just be written by me, but by you and other members of this community and we will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis.

With every decision I make about My Lit Box I keep our motto at the forefront of my mind. Color. Conversation. Community. We’re here to celebrate writers of color, create a conversation surrounding their works while building a community of book lovers. Welcome!

Sanura is the laugh out loud, solo traveling, book-loving, owner and founder of My Lit Box. When she’s not reading, you’ll find her planning her next adventure. You can follow Sanura’s latest reads and travel on Twitter & Instagram.



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